Rapid Heating Concept
And Much More

Entrance aperture of a windowless Brookley blackbody furnace at 2000 degrees C

Entrance aperture of a windowless graphite tube blackbody furnace at 2000 °C.

The design and heating concept employed in our graphite tube furnaces is what we call "Rapid Heating"......Read More

Stability at temperature is achieved by using very sensitive control pyrometers......Read More

The unique dual cavity design of the Thermo Gauge furnaces is worth checking....Read More

Blackbodies are something to select carefully and if you don't know what you are doing, but need an answer, don't just go on published specifications, they are notoriously incomplete. Check our blackbody and blackbody truths pages to help get you some answers or some of the right questions to ask......Read More

For some info about the late, great scientist who started this business, Max Planck, (if history is of interest)......Read More

To learn more about radiation thermometry, blackbodies and related subjects (emissivity-thermal imaging-equipment suppliers-standards-reference information) visit the external website, About Temperature Sensors

Precision Blackbodies

Laboratory blackbodies approximate Max Planck's ideal. We strive to provide the closest approximation that a reasonable budget and the needs for precise sources of Blackbody thermal radiation can provide.

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