Enclosed Furnace Model Shown

15 KW Power Supply

The table below outlines the performance of each blackbody cavity in combination with a water-cooled 15KW power supply. The specifications are for the rated power supply and blackbody combination only. The HT-7000A controller and Exactus control pyrometer are needed to complete an automated control system. The range, repeatability and stability of the system are determined by the controller-pyrometer combination.

Dual Blackbody Type

Aperture Size Inches (mm)

Useful Temperature Ranges in Degrees C
a)-with 900nm Exactus™
b)-with 1600nm Exactus™

Time to Max Temperature (Seconds)

Gas Purge Flow Rate (Cu ft/hr)

Water Cooling
(US Gal/Minute)


5/8 (15.9)

a) 500 - 3000
b) 300 - 2000





1 (25.4)

a) 500 - 2500
b) 300 - 2000





1 1/2 (38.1)

b) 300 - 2000





2 (50.8)

b) 300 - 1400




Flat graphite plate, 1 " x 2", can be heated to 145 Watts/cm2 in 60 seconds, using flat plate attachment.
Operation above 2750 °C (5000° F) reduces operating life due to sublimation of graphite power requirements

Required Power:15KW, single phase AC, 50/60 Hz. Standard voltage is 240 VAC. Custom voltage at no extra charge

Enclosure: Powder coated, providing durable, easy to clean surface.
   Dimensions: 28" wide, 40" long, 39" tall (712mm x 1016mm x 991mm)
   Weight: Approximately 400Lbs, net (182Kg)

Options: Flat graphite plate, 1 " x 2", Optical Rail Bench, Custom Stands for applications and alignment.

Features and Notes

All models feature dual blackbody cavities with a 5:1 length to diameter ratio. Measured normal spectral emissivity at 0.65 microns is in excess of 0.995

The table shows the critical information for each combination of dual blackbody and the 15 KW power supply. To choose the correct combination for your application follows the steps below.

  1. Determine the maximum temperature that you must perform calibrations. The maximum temperature is listed in the Useful Range column of the tables.
  2. Determine the minimum aperture that is required for all instruments you intend to calibrate. It is best to choose the smallest dual blackbody size that will meet your needs. The electric power, water cooling, and purge gas requirements are less for smaller blackbodies.
  3. Ask the question: Will we need a larger aperture or higher temperature in the future? Since different rated power supplies are available one can upgrade to a larger aperture at higher temperatures if you have a large enough power supply. Purchasing a HT-9500 with 48 KW power supply will allow you to achieve maximum performance from all blackbody sizes if you expect to upgrade in the future.
  4. Exactus™ pyrometer summary specifications:
    • Accuracy ± 0.2% of temperature
    • Repeatability ± 0.5 °C
    • Resolution 0.05 °C (Decreasing near low end of temperature range)
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