Precision Blackbodies

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Entrance aperture of a windowless Brookley blackbody furnace at 2000 degrees C

Entrance aperture of a windowless graphite tube Blackbody furnace at 2000 °C.

Our Precision Blackbodies are used worldwide by those who know thermal radiation sensors and their calibration requirements.

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Precision blackbody products help us build long term relationships because many of the Thermogage original blackbody furnaces and all of our blackbody furnaces are still in daily use.

Our flagship products are the renown windowless graphite tube blackbody furnaces employing the rapid heating concept pioneered by furnace designer and inventor, Chuck Brookley. Some of the original models, nearly 30 years old, are still in use today; real workhorses!

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Precision Blackbodies

Laboratory blackbodies (black bodies) approximate Max Planck's ideal. We strive to provide the closest approximation that a reasonable budget and the needs for precise sources of blackbody (black body) thermal radiation can provide.

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